Did you ever use a piggy bank?

Hey, do you want money? Do you want a lot of money? What are some ways to make money? How do successful people make money? How do successful businessmen make money? They all have 24 hours like us, they all have a brain,two eyes, a nose, two ears, they are as normal as the person living next door to you.

True it is, it is our daily habits, our routine, our daily psychology that helps shape our future, that helps shape our desire to get success.

Over a series of few posts, I am going to tell you the life story of two people, Mr. dumbbell and Mr. brainy. Both were equally intelligent and talented, but both had completely different approaches towards life, their perceptions about things were poles apart.

I will discuss, few of the very small day to day decisions and psychology that both the characters follow. There are many decisions that we have to take every day, and they determine our true intelligence. You will be able to connect with them as you also encounter the same problems everyday.

Have you ever thought, why our parents give us piggy banks? Why are we tempted to buy an I PHONE even when we can’t afford it? Do we really need to save as much as we can right from our first salary? Do we really need to buy that 3BHK, for which we will have to take a huge loan, and put all our savings?

We all encounter all these problems in our daily life, and often, too often we make the wrong decisions, be it out of our temptations, our education, our hunger for better recognition, or maybe it has to do something with our mentality that starts to take shape from the first day we are born, from the first visual we see, from the first syllable we utter.

Now enough said, I would like to introduce you to our two neighbors, Mr. Brainy who is a calm and composed soul, he is a voracious reader and believes in himself. Whereas Mr. Dumbbell is a nebbish personality. He is meek and submissive and usually reacts on random peoples’ advice.

Do you remember, when you were 6-7 years old, your parents bought you a piggy bank and said save all the money you get, in it. Well, your psyche started developing from there on, and it is only that mentality which stops you from thinking progressively when it comes to money, you give various excuses.

From the starting, you were told that save your money you can’t risk losing it and only this mentality helps you stay satisfied with the minimal interest that you earn on your savings account.

Mr. brainy and Mr. dumbbell got with the same situation just like most of us when they were 9-10 years old. They got 100 bucks from a relative (Yeah!! Isn’t it fun to get money for free? We all want our relatives to visit us every day, for this very reason. Pun intended.)

What did they do?

Just like majority of us, Mr. dumbbell’s parents told him to save it in the piggy, they wanted to teach him a very important part of his financial life “savings”. Mr. dumbbell saved those 100 bucks in his piggy bank hopping that he will get more, so that he can buy the remote-control car, that he longed for.

Yes, we all do it, at least I did it.

Whereas when Mr. brainy got 100 bucks, he went to the market and bought 5 cassettes. He loved video-games and he knew that his friends love them too. First, he started renting the cassettes for 5 bucks to his friends. Soon enough he recovered 100 bucks, so he bought more cassettes and earned more, he never waited for anyone to give him more money. He was told that he can either spend it on a chocolate or save it in a piggy and hope for more money…. big money to come in or he can invest it in something that will give him more than 100 bucks.

You must have heard the old men say “you reap what you sow”, this is so true, it applies to all of us and we don’t even know it, our habits, our psyche, our thoughts work in only that direction in which we have trained them to work.

I will cut short for now, and will just say that don’t think that putting your money away or saving it, not spending it will get you more money, it is never the case, for getting more money you need to start making your money earn money, this is the most important thing that piggy banks fail to teach us.

No matter how small the amount you have, every single buck has the ability to make more bucks.

Hope you had a nice time reading. 😛

Don’t miss the next post in the series to find out what happens next.

Arrivederci. Goodbye until we meet again.

(P.S : Have you ever wondered why it is called a piggy bank?
Pygg is an orange colored clay commonly used during the Middle Ages as a cheap material for pots to store money, called pygg pots or pygg jars. By the 18th century, the term “pig jar” had evolved to “pig bank”. As earthenware was supplanted by other materials, such as glass, plaster, and plastic, the name gradually began to refer specifically to the shape of the bank, instead of what was used to make it.) (courtesy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piggy_bank )


4 thoughts on “Did you ever use a piggy bank?

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  1. Too good anshul and vidisha…..

    A rich person firstly invest then consume….on the other hand… a common man (stucked in comfort zone) firstly consumes then invest……
    Too good article….keep going anshul


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