Do you really value the things you get easily?

Has it ever happened with you, that you got a gift from your friend, let’s say, a set of sketch-pens, and your parents ask you to give it to one of your cousins, and you agree to do so. Now imagine, that you won the same set of sketch-pens in a debating competition, which you had prepared for rigorously for 5 days, will you be willing to give that to someone else now or let’s say even if you give it, will you have the same peace of mind?

We love the things which we work hard for, the more you work hard for something the more you value it.

The more easily we get things, the less we care about them.

Here we have Mr. Dumbbell who got whatever he demanded. Whenever he wanted to read a book , he used to get it, if he wanted a toy, his parents bought him one, as a result he never felt an urge to work for anything that he longed for. Eventually, he did not value the things he had.

On the other hand, Mr. Brainy never got anything so easily, he had to work hard to get it, his parents always challenged him positively, for example, when he was 13 and wanted a bicycle …his parents told him to earn a few bucks and they will buy him one. He babysat for a month and collected that money. He was incentivized for doing his work, he never got anything without completing any task

One day Mr. Dumbbell and Mr. Brainy were hanging out, when they saw a red Ferrari whizz past them. They both were aw-struck. At that very instant, they wanted to own a Ferrari themselves. On that day, after they went home, both of them asked their parents to buy them one, since the families were not very affluent, they could not afford to spend such a lavish amount on their kids’ demand.

Mr. Dumbbell’s father said to him “Kido! We can’t buy you a Ferrari, we don’t have that much money, but you should try and buy it yourself someday.”

At Mr. Brainy’s house, his father told him “Obviously son I can’t buy you a Ferrari today, but someday I might and it will be even better if you would buy me one!” With this, the chapter was closed, no one talked about the Ferrari in their families again.

Now understand this, both the fathers said the same thing, that they simply cannot afford it at that very moment, but there is one major difference, that both the children took the advice differently. As Mr. dumbbell always got things easily, he did not hold onto this dream, thinking that it is impossible for him to do so. After the conversation, he thought that “OK, I can’t afford it so let’s leave it and focus on something else” He forgot about the Ferrari.

Whereas, the thought process of Mr. Brainy was miles apart. Immediately after the conversation, he thought that, “Ok maybe I cannot afford it now but let’s see what I can do to get it as soon as possible.” He held on to his dream and planned to do something to get it.

Things like these matter, your habits matter, your reaction to situations matters, your ambition matters.

As I end this post, going by the Pareto principle, I would say that 80% of the people fall in Mr. Dumbbell’s category, and only 20% are able to relate to Mr. Brainy.

And as you must be knowing, that only top 20% of the people control 80% of the total wealth in the world!

Hope you find yourself in that top 20% and make the right decisions at the right time.

I wish you enjoyed reading.

Thank you for your time.

Stay tuned to know what Mr. Brainy & Mr. Dumbbell do next.

We would really love to hear your suggestions. Do leave your views in the comments section.

Adios. Arrivederci.


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