Ready to pay the EMIs? Think Again!

Hi there! So here we are with another of Mr. Brainy’s and Mr. Dumbbell’s life experience. Hope you have read the previous ones, if not then do check them out, you might find some things of value and interest.

So, how many of you have really thought of buying a 5 BHK or a penthouse in some posh locality? All of us right? That’s cool!! That’s not a sin! Even I dream of buying one.
Like two ordinary young fellows in their early twenties, Mr. Brainy and Mr. Dumbbell also dreamt of buying a luxurious house. Continue reading “Ready to pay the EMIs? Think Again!”


The Perfect Balance

“He slept beneath the moon, he basked beneath the sun; he lived a life of going to do and died with nothing done”

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the couch cross legged, with the tv on, having a severe headache and a heavy heart, for you are not able to manage your work and social circles? Your friends think of you as being selfish and self-obsessed, your family feels neglected and your personal ambition lies wrapped up in a blanket somewhere. In your mind, you are just facing another bad day but is it just one day of cribbing to yourself? I don’t think so. Continue reading “The Perfect Balance”

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