What not to do when making a decision?

What happened the last time, when you had to make a tough decision in your life? Well, I will tell you what must have happened, you must have consulted friends or family, and after contemplating for a long time, you would have made your decision.

Now this is the standard procedure that we all follow. and yes I must tell you Mr. Dumbbell follows the same thing.

So, if you are familiar with the previous Mr. Dumbbell stories you must be thinking that something must be wrong with this procedure. Well, this time he is not completely wrong, In my opinion, this is one way to approach the problem.

But then this should not be the first step of problem solving, taking suggestions before even analyzing the problem is the biggest mistake that most of us make in our daily life decisions, whether big or small. We listen to other people’s opinions. Also, an interesting thing is that we don’t listen to everyone’s opinion equally, rather, people’s opinion carry weight according to the influence they have on our life or according to how much we adulate them.

Apart from this, one thing that I observe the most is the herd mentality that is so prevalent these days.

Now see, a very simple part from Mr. Dumbbell and Mr. Brainy’s life,

Both were in their final year of graduation. Now they had to make a major decision……WHAT NEXT?

Whether to go for higher studies or settle for a job? Whether to join the family business or follow the entrepreneurial spirit?

This time comes in everyone’s life.

What did both of them do?  Well I would say this is not the important part.

The important part is how did they get to that decision.

First let me tell you what both of them did, Mr. Brainy saw no point in going for higher education without any work experience, so he never thought of higher studies immediately and went for a job profile of his choice.

What did Mr. Dumbbell do? He joined some coaching institute where 50% of his classmates were studying for some entrance exam. He never thought about what he should do, he just went on with what most people around him were doing.

Now while reading this, just think about how many people do this/ did this in their graduation. Why is it that, that we can’t get to a decision without thinking of others or getting influenced?

Actually, from the very beginning we never pondered over the way we took our life decisions.

Why have we lost the ability of thinking rationally?

What was the rationale behind Mr. Brainy’s decision?
Mr. Brainy never had a herd mentality, he never thought about what others were doing in school, he was never bothered about what 90% of the class is doing. Well, he thought that first, let’s get some industry experience and see what kind of work interests him, after one year he might find out that marketing is what he is made for, or maybe advertising. He believed that “you should just know what you are doing, it need not be necessarily the same thing what the majority is doing”.

(Well, the MBA thing is just an example, as most of us can relate to it, it’s like the national course of our country, pun intended!!)

At the end I would just like to quote Elon Musk, who said in an interview that “teaching students by giving them answers to problems without giving them a chance to explore the problem destroys creativity”.

I am not against taking opinions from others, rather I would encourage you to take as many perspectives to a problem as you can, but then the important thing is to analyze everything and then form your opinion, which most of us fail to do.

Maybe Mr. Dumbbell gets into one of the finest institutions but will he ever learn to take decisions rationally because this cycle is never ending, you will have to make decisions every day and there will be people around you all the time.

So yes its time that we start making decisions for ourselves and not for others.

I hope you had a good time reading, and you contemplate about it and make your next decision solely by yourself.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section.

Arrivederci. Adios.

P.S- Have you ever thought that the news that you read or that you watch on television is also something that someone has perceived, they will tell or they will write whatever they think about the subject matter? Do you think it is correct to believe every piece of word our news reports utter? well, I leave you with that question.


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