Whom to trust with your money? (3 min read)

What is the dearest thing to you?

When we surveyed people, and asked them this question, most of them answered -family relations, health and money; in the same order of preference. Mr. Brainy and Mr. Dumbbell also had the same answers.

Since family relations are the dearest, what do you do to help maintain your family relations?

  • Spend time with family, give them due importance.
  • Behave affectionately.
  • Show our appreciation and love for our family.

Now coming to health and its issues,

  • We spend time on improving our health, in order to maintain it.
  • We tend to Follow a proper schedule, and try our best to be disciplined. (Oh, well! we all know about that…)

Now, what do we do for our money?

  • Do we spend time with our money? HELL YES!! We are just busy spending money!!!
  • Are we disciplined in managing our money? Probably not.
  • Oh, and do we care for our money? Certainly, we do, but to the point of doing nothing!!!

This is what Mr. Dumbbell does and doesn’t even realize what the problem is. Do you find yourself in a similar situation, juggling with money?

Most of us think that managing money is a hell lot of a task? But Is it really?

Mr. Brainy says it is no rocket science. We will see what he has to say in a while.

But Before that, lets go back to our analogy of health, family and money.

What do we do, when our family relations suffer? We try to communicate more often, improve ourselves, spend more time with our family. We might consult a relationship expert too if things go beyond control.

What do we do, when our health suffers? We try to be more disciplined with our fitness regime, pay more attention to our diet, research online for improving our health or in the worst case, consult a doctor or a fitness expert.

Now, what do we do when our financial health suffers?

(Enough of beating around the bush!!! 😝 😝)


( Surprisingly That’s true!)

Now Let’s see what Mr. Brainy does and what we must ought to do too…


  • 1) Our government does it, Transnational companies do it, and Mr. Brainy does this too!!


Obviously, one cannot make budgets to every single penny that he or she spends. (although many of the richest people have this habit of tracking every single penny that they spend)

So, Mr. Brainy lists down the major expenses of the month.

You might ask, ‘Why budgeting?’.

To this, Mr. Brainy would probably answer in the words of Mr. Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President).

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”

Now, even if he fails to stick to that budget (he tries to follow it though) ,he will get insights into where the major chunk of his money is going and over time he can prioritize his expenditure.

  • 2)  Again, he follows the footsteps of governments and the big companies .


Its’s very simple. Mr. Brainy makes an income and expense statement every month. (hey, I don’t mean that you should consider learning accounts but simple mathematical operations will suffice😝)

Making a budget and recording expenses, is only half the work done. After that, Mr. Brainy compares where he is now, with his previously set limits, and also figures out areas, where it was difficult for him to stick to his budget.

  • 3) Saving and investing.

Mr. Brainy ALWAYS does this, Saving money and never ever exhausting all of his income. He always has a cushion to fall back on.

Saving; as our fellows Mr. Brainy and Mr. Dumbbell had already discussed; doesn’t mean putting money in a meagre 4-5% saving account but investing it wisely to allow money to make more money. It is important to let money work for itself and work wonders for you too!

( Refer to the previous post to know about Mr. Brainy’s and Mr. Dumbbell’s take on piggy banks and saving account )

Now, depending upon your financial aptitude and the time you can devote, you can probably invest in financial instruments yourself (the more knowledge you have, the more complex instruments you can use) or you can consult your financial doctor i.e. your adviser and discuss your plans wisely.

We won’t get in to the nitty gritty of it here.

Now in the end, let’s see how much time it takes for an average person with 0 financial acumen.

  • Less than 2 hours for making a budget on first day of the month.
  • 2 minutes daily to feed your expenses and income i.e. 1hr/month
  • 1 hour for meeting the advisor every month.
  • 1 hour to analyze your results at the end of the month.

In total that is 5 hours a month. Well, that doesn’t seem to be a lot of effort.

(Talking about India, we spend about 2.2 hours on our cellphones daily or 3.25 hours on television daily. Well, you can calculate yours and I am pretty much sure that it won’t be less than 5 hours a month.)

So, at the end, our fellow Mr. Brainy proposes that do give time to your financial plans and spend a little time managing your money, lest you will end up like Mr. Dumbbell. Because at the end, its only you whom you can trust with your money.

I hope you had a good time reading it.

Do give your suggestions in the comment section.

Arrivederci. Adios.

(P.S – Daily television stat is from the mint newspaper website.

Daily time spent on mobile phones stat is from the global research consultancy firm TNS.)



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