Crave to Save

Well, well, Do you find yourself secretly scrolling through that fashion page? Did you always want to be the girl in the green scarf (confessions of a shopaholic reference) or are you one? Do you find yourself mind-noting all those pretty dresses? Do you notice the beautiful accessories from the corner of your eye? Aah…

And finally, do you want to spend a little (or a lot) less than what you already do at the malls?

‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.’ – Bo Derek

So, What triggers you?

We shop when we feel bored. We shop when we feel a little low. We head towards the brands when we feel we just need that new watch or those new high heels that she was wearing at office today or when we don’t want to spend a weekend watching TV all day. So, the most important task is to accept that you are bad at dancing, so that you can practice and improve upon it. Similarly, accepting that you shop unreasonably at times is very crucial. And to say to yourself, that I want to spend less on my shopping-pangs (if you may call it).

Oh, do I need it?

Another thing I am sure must have happened with everyone is that, you wanted that one thing, you craved for it and your parents said no. You died a little from the inside. You went home and sulked for the whole day. But the next day you couldn’t even remember what you sulked for!!! Here is the solution hidden subtly, within the problem, that “Do you really need that?”. Binge shopping is what we get into after all the week’s hard work and boredom.

All that is needed is to ask yourself, “Do I need that? Do I really need that? And will I be willing to come back tomorrow to buy this if I did not buy it now?” If you get a no, you save a few bucks, a quick save, and if you say a yes, my friend, do not buy it. DO NOT BUY IT. Come back tomorrow. You all know what will happen tomorrow, don’t you?

Economics says – There is no free lunch.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Yes, you see this and your brain figures out that you can save on your bills. But hey, do you even need that stuff in the first place? These words lead to a self-fulfilling trap. You buy things that you feel you are saving upon, but you didn’t need them at all in the first place. So think before running into a board that calls to you with this word, “Sale”.

Charity begins at home.

Look at all the things you have. De-clutter all the clutter. You will realize that you have a lot of things you are not making use of. You might find that lovely green scarf tucked away somewhere. (reference again :P)

Set the GPS, lest you might get lost.

You went to buy a pair of trousers and you came home with a new shirt to match with those pants, along with that new gold plated watch. And maybe a new jacket too? Or those value for money accessories that you dug out of the stack..? So, go with a list and come back only with that. Make sure to have your blinkers (or blinders if you call them) on.

Catalysts in losing all that hard earned money.

Birds of a feather, flock together. Avoid marching the shopping grounds with friends who spend every weekend doing this and are out of closet space themselves! It will make self-control easy. And the perk being that you will not be reminded of the top you bought last month which is so not in fashion any more.

Cash crunch. Ouch.

Unsubscribe with your credit card. Take a debit card. Pay immediately. This will make you pause and think if you are shopping sense or just for the sake of it. Have a clear balance in mind, that you cannot and will not exceed that.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while. A little treat will do loads of good. And the lucrative cash balance you will have at the end of all this saving will be a feel good factor in itself!


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