“The Ouch Fund” – Do You Have It? (4 min read)

Money magazine says that 78% people will suffer from a negative financial event in a 10-year period.

Lying on the small hospital bed with the IV in his hand and the broken mobile, after the car accident, Mr. Dumbbell was thinking about the next few months and the jolt to his earnings that the car accident had caused. Although medical expenses were not a major concern for him as they were covered by his insurance, his disrupted income stream posed a challenge for the family.

Many of his relatives and colleagues visited him while he was bedridden. Knowing his sudden financial need, some of his relatives and friends offered him help. If he hadn’t got the timely help, he was even prepared to liquidate his assets and investments.

But, each one of us might not be as fortunate as Mr. Dumbbell. So, what do you think he did wrong? Continue reading ““The Ouch Fund” – Do You Have It? (4 min read)”


Whom to trust with your money? (3 min read)

What is the dearest thing to you?

When we surveyed people, and asked them this question, most of them answered -family relations, health and money; in the same order of preference. Mr. Brainy and Mr. Dumbbell also had the same answers.

Since family relations are the dearest, what do you do to help maintain your family relations?

  • Spend time with family, give them due importance.
  • Behave affectionately.
  • Show our appreciation and love for our family.

Now coming to health and its issues,

Continue reading “Whom to trust with your money? (3 min read)”

Ready to pay the EMIs? Think Again!

Hi there! So here we are with another of Mr. Brainy’s and Mr. Dumbbell’s life experience. Hope you have read the previous ones, if not then do check them out, you might find some things of value and interest.

So, how many of you have really thought of buying a 5 BHK or a penthouse in some posh locality? All of us right? That’s cool!! That’s not a sin! Even I dream of buying one.
Like two ordinary young fellows in their early twenties, Mr. Brainy and Mr. Dumbbell also dreamt of buying a luxurious house. Continue reading “Ready to pay the EMIs? Think Again!”

Do you really value the things you get easily?

Has it ever happened with you, that you got a gift from your friend, let’s say, a set of sketch-pens, and your parents ask you to give it to one of your cousins, and you agree to do so. Now imagine, that you won the same set of sketch-pens in a debating competition, which you had prepared for rigorously for 5 days, will you be willing to give that to someone else now or let’s say even if you give it, will you have the same peace of mind?

We love the things which we work hard for, the more you work hard for something the more you value it.

The more easily we get things, the less we care about them. Continue reading “Do you really value the things you get easily?”

Did you ever use a piggy bank?

Hey, do you want money? Do you want a lot of money? What are some ways to make money? How do successful people make money? How do successful businessmen make money? They all have 24 hours like us, they all have a brain,two eyes, a nose, two ears, they are as normal as the person living next door to you.

True it is, it is our daily habits, our routine, our daily psychology that helps shape our future, that helps shape our desire to get success. Continue reading “Did you ever use a piggy bank?”

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